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DNA testing for me


I haven’t posted anything about this before but I thought I might as well write a little about my DNA experience.

First I took a FamilyTreeDNA test back in February 2015 got the results on 16 April 2015. You hear about of all the surprises people have when they get their results such as “oh wow! I have Jewish ancestry!” or “BAM, off I go to find the native american ancestry in my results!”

Well no such reveals for me…..But there were a couple of small surprises

97% European…..hmm, not a big surprise there.

Of that 87% British Isles…..no big shocker
5% Scandinavian…..OK a little shocked at this
4% Eastern European…..a little surprised with this
1% Southern European…..hmm this may explain my fiery temper πŸ˜‰

1% East Asian (specifically North East Asian)…..OK this did surprise me a little

1% Middle Eastern (specifically Asia Minor)…..again pretty surprising

The biggest surprise to me……the number of matches I have who don’t have a family tree uploaded. Or if they do have one uploaded (I get all excited when I see the possibility of one being there) it only shows their name 😦

I know people take DNA tests for many reasons but I guess I had assumed (I know, I know what that word does!) that at least the majority of people testing would put up a tree.

Have any of you had a surprise or big reveal you weren’t expecting in your DNA results?

Hope you enjoyed, glad you stopped by and please come back again πŸ˜‰