Treasure Chest Thursday – Granny M’s Memory Book pt 5

This week’s installment of my great grandmother & grandmother’s memory book is interesting. Here it is:

“Aunt Lou Wilson died February 13, 1936 She is my mother’s oldest sister Sallie May Buckners mother. Aunt Lerie Foster Woolridge died 1952 Sept 30”

Interesting because I am getting better at telling which woman wrote which entry by recognizing their handwriting. This entry was written by my grandmother, Gussie O. (DeSpain) Munday, about the oldest sister of her mother, Alice Josephine (Foster) DeSpain. Aunt Lou Wilson was born Lou Alvery Foster and married Joseph Reed Wilson. Lou as she was known by was born Oct 5 1866, to Josiah Foster and Sarah Frances Fulks. Oh, yeah by the way they were 1st cousins!

Aunt Lerie Foster Woolridge was a sister to Lou and Alice Foster. She was born Jun 1 1872, married 1st George Green Walker and 2nd to Frank Woolridge. A transcribed copy of her obituary can be found here.

Hope you enjoyed, glad you stopped by and please come back again 😉

from The Sum Of All My Research


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