Just added this to my genealogy wish list


Like a lot of people, every year I make a Christmas list to give to my husband and family so they know what I am “needing” for this Christmas’ gift giving season. If I can’t come up with enough “regular” items for my list, then I take one or two things from my genealogy wish list and add it to my Christmas list. So this year when I run out of things to put on my Christmas list and have to fill in, I think I will fill in with the Eye-fi memory card.

I stumbled across this product the other day while checking out the Evernote trunk page.

According to their website, Eye-fi is a memory card with built-in Wi-Fi.You install the memory card in your digital camera like you would any other memory card. Because it has Wi-Fi built into the card you will not need to connect the camera to the computer with a USB cable to upload your pictures. The card will automatically upload your pictures to your computer using your home Wi-Fi network. AWESOME!

Now I do tend to think of myself as a “techie” person, however, I DO NOT think of myself as a “techie” person capable of writing a product review. So rather then me writing a review that not only could possibly be confusing, but also be very boring of a product that I don’t even own…..yet (fingers crossed!), please just check out the Eye-fi website.

As a side note, I know they advertise it for digital cameras, but I wonder if it could be used in the Flip-pal scanner that so many genealogists have been buying lately? Of course, that is another item that is on my genealogy wish list that hasn’t made it to the Christmas list because of the price…..yet!

Hope you enjoyed, glad you stopped by and please come back again 😉


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