People LOVE genealogy – another Genealogy 101 Presentation


You all know that I volunteer at a local historic plantation called Farmington, and that I have given a Genealogy 101 presentation/seminar/workshop on 2 other occasions. These went over very well and at the time of the last one the Program Director said that a lot of people were very upset that they would not be able to attend so she wants to do another one. And they have asked me to give it!

So we came up with the wording for the email blast and she sent out the following:

20 MINUTES later, someone called wanting to make a reservation for 2 people for the presentation! Man o man genealogy is popular!

I’m thinking about having door prizes. Only about 3, maybe 4, really small items like a: pen, mousepad, coffee mug or keychain that have my GenSearchByDeb promo stuff on it. What do you think?
Well anyway, if any of you or anyone you know will be in Louisville on the 29th and would like to attend, please come join us. If not, stop by and say hi!

Hope you enjoyed, glad you stopped by and please come back again 😉


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