New Background – your suggestions


Ok, so I had to stay home today because my son wasn’t feeling well…..well, I could have gone to work today but what’s the fun in that! 😉 Anyway, I stayed home and tried to get somethings that have been on my to-do list accomplished. So I was partly successful (yeah me!) but I also created a new background for the blog.

It uses some of the family pictures, documents and heirlooms that I have for my families. I tinkered with it for almost 3 hours. It isn’t the size I want it, but I got tired. 😦

I went ahead and changed it, but I will probably keep fiddling with it until I can get it the right size that I want.

So my question…..What do you think? Is it too much?

Please be honest. I don’t want a background that is too busy or that makes reading the posts difficult.

Hope you enjoyed, glad you stopped by and please come back again 😉


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  1. So your background is a collage of photos, that's pretty nice. Can you share how you did it, maybe in a blog? I think the dark background is nice, but maybe bold your white print or make the font the next size? That's just one opinion Deborah. Isn't it fun to stay home and do things like what you did.

  2. Thanks guys for the feedback. You both confirmed what I had feared. That the pictures where too distracting while trying to read the posting. I have changed the posting area background, the font type and size. I think it is better now.Barbara, I hadn't thought about doing a posting telling how I created the background. I might have to do that.

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