Tombstone Tuesday – John Joseph Andrew aka Fisher


This is a picture of my husband’s great-great grandfather, John Joseph Andrew, or “JJ” as the family has affectionately started referring to him, was born in Germany. I haven’t been able to find out when his father, Frederick Andrew, died. When I found his tombstone, my husband was very excited to find out his ancestor had been in the Civil War. However, when I tried finding him on the unit rolls I was unable to find him. Later on I found out why. 

I sent off and received JJ’s Civil War pension file. According to the information it contained he was about 2 years old when he came to this country. It also states that his mother had remarried a man by the name of Fisher and JJ did not know he was not a Fisher until grown. Knowing this I went to the 1850 Trimble County, Kentucky Census and found Hyronimous Fisher, JJ’s mother Magdelene, JJ & his half-siblings listed. His pension file also solved the story of why I couldn’t find JJ on the muster rolls and unit lists. According to the pension file John Joseph Andrew had enlisted under the Fisher name! It also has an affidavit from his wife, Mary C, in which she states that even at the time of the affidavit she is equally know by the names of Mary Fisher and Mary Andrew. HUH!

The above photograph of JJ & Mary’s tombstone was taken by Bonnie Snow and posted to the wonderful website and can be found at
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